Jothida Dhynalayam

Study of Astrology

Astrology is science of wholeness of universe

Astrology is the science which describes the wholeness of universe. Here we educate people of the world to understand and realize the art of astrology to achieve in their life success in each and every dimensions. That is the aim of SRI MAHAA MEHRO JOTHIDA DHYANALAYAM.

We teach each and every student of this Sri Mahaa Mehro Jothida dhyanalayam to analyze their own horoscope to find the methods to shine in their life and to find the suitable VOCATIONS like education, art, literature, science, medicine, engineering etc to earn more and achieve success and fulfil their dreams. This is the main motto of our Sri Mahaa Mehro Jothida Dhyanalayam.

Study of Astrology

Basic Amenities and syllabus

• This is a pioneer institution which has the complete facilities to accommodate 3000 students and teach the art of astrology perfectly.

• We should live with the nature, because that is the best way of living. In this institution there are 9 types of excellent syllabus prepared as per the characters of 9 planets, to realize the above said statement and mould them with good attitudes.

Nine planets and suitable syllabus


The planet sun is responsible for the creation of each and every plants and creatures.

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• We teach Lessons based on politics which is necessity for our future, is the main subject in this syllabus. The ruling system of politics formed through meritocracy, by improving the efficiency of every person in our society which will make a nation strong and wealthy

• The basic far-sighted syllabus would help to form a strong and wealthy Government. And it is sure that the syllabus also helps to form clean and wealthy society by transparent activities of people and freedom of individual person.


Moon is the planet which gives the shape for each and every creature on earth. And also it help us to know about the characteristics and secrets of other planets which are invisible to our eyes. That is, it acts like ‘SATELLITE’ which brings us the informations about the universe.

We teach students to gain mental strength and firmness which are very important for their future.

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• To improve imagination power.

• To develop the mentality of sharing their love with nature and creatures in the world.

• Hypnotism and the other subjects related with psychology.


The Mars is the planet which creates the favorable climate for the creatures to live after getting their shapes. It also gives the strong mind for the shapes. Not only this..., it also has the power to give the efficiency to full fill their basic needs like food, drink etc.,

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• We educate to create and improve the brave mind essential for the future of students.

• It also improves the efficiency of students in the departments like engineering, police and military to save their home and country.


The planet mercury gives intelligence and the power of discrimination to human beings.

It also gives the power to analyze and observe the qualities and characteristics of creatures and plants with the help of climatic condition. Mercury has the power to bring out the best in an individual in the fields of information technology through sixth sense.

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• Here we teach the lessons based on mathematics, sports, intelligence, information and broad-casting departments and also power of discrimination.


The planet Venus has the power to attract the opposite sex for human beings and creatures and to full fill their sensual pleasures.

The planet Venus in association with the planet Jupiter encourages the intelligence of creatures and make them strong. Also motivates them to enjoy the sensual pleasures. It induces the sexual desires to maintain the cycle of birth and death.

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• Here we teach all Kinds of education based on sex.

• We teach fine arts like dance and music.

• The education based on vehicle, travel and transports.

• To teach about garments and the level of luxurious life that we could obtain in this birth.

• Also we educate 64 types of arts.


The planet Saturn is responsible for the reactions after the cycle of birth and death due to the attraction of opposite gender.

Once the wheel of birth and death starts to rotate, the activities of karma that is the deeds of previous birth will start to act immediately. Due to the rotation, the maximum difference between the edges of top and bottom will come immediately. Then the other different edge like highest-lowest will come; The edges of rich and poor will come; Then another different edges- man and woman will come; The edges of good and bad will come; After measuring the above said different edges of human beings, the planet Saturn gives his grace equally to all without any difference. Because of this character everybody called him as Dharmadevan, that is God of Virtue!

So, he is the responsible to give benefits to people by measuring their reactions of karma, that is deeds of previous birth. That is, if we follow the way of virtue, he will give good things for us; And if we follow the way of unrighteousness then he will give bad thing to us. so he is also called as ‘Judge of Universe.’

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• We educate the lessons based on law and justice for future generation.

• We teach students to realize the quality and standard of hard work.

• We teach about the rocks.

• Also we teach the essential lessons about the things there were in the universe before the period when even the particles of soil and stone did not appear.


Once the cycle of Karma start to rotate, then men and women will start to do their regular activities by nature. Because of their activities good and bad will come and follow them. Those good and bad things are notable and punishment will be there for human beings. So our front shadow is defined as Raghu. He has the authority to watch and punish us in this materialistic world. Not only this… Raghu is the planet which gives the character of addiction to humanity in this materialistic world, particularly for extrovert personality. Raghu holding the Adharvana vedha in his hand which explains about pure materialistic life and improvements and about scientific inventions.

Sub-divisions of syllabus

We teach each and every lessons of modern science.

• Benefits and bad things obtained because of arrogance.

• We teach about petroleum Products.

• About all materialistic- Enjoyments and happiness.


Kedhu rules human minds and their inner journey like motcham, dhyanam, gnanam, yoga, praanayaamam, meditation, self realization. And he is the planet which gives the character of addiction on inner journey. And in astrology Kedhu appears without head and indicates the following philosophy. That is in this materialistic world you could live and achieve if you have the head with your body! But in spiritual life only when you lose your head ( after death ), you will attain oneness with the lord! And this is philosophy of Kedhu who appear without head for spiritual life. And Raghu appears with head to define the philosophy of materialistic life.

Sub-divisions of syllabus

• We teach lessons about the state of re-birth less ness, state of eternity, state of liberation that is ‘ motcham’ and enlightenment of ‘Vedhas’.

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